AGM – November 2016

Thanks to all for your support and goodwill. Chester Devas WI would not be here today if it wasn’t for you!!


Last week saw our AGM with lots of farewells and goodbyes to committee members but also lots of ‘hellos’ to newly recruited committee members.


Rebecca Collins (previously President) thanked all the Chester Devas WI members for their support over the years, including those on the committee who have thrown so much time and effort into their roles to keep the Chester Devas WI as a bright, fun and enjoyable group to be part of.


Thanks went to Rose Owen (previously Treasurer) and Jenny Octigan (previously Co-Treasure) for keeping us on the financial straight over the last year!


Thanks went to Lizzy Williams (previously Secretary) who had been part of the WI committee since February 2015.


And final thanks went to Sara Lawton (previously Bookings Secretary) for helping on the committee since the dawn of time! (well ….. since the early talks of starting up a WI back in November 2014)


The members there on the evening were unanimous on the vote for Helen Berrie to stay on as the lead Secretary and Karen Spenser to stay on as our MSC rep.


Huge congratulations went to Tracey Thomas (previously the Vice President) for being voted in as our new President for 2017


And a huge warm welcome went to newly recruited committee members Kate Novotny and Jane Whitehouse who will jointly take on the role of Bookings Secretary.


The new Treasurer position will be announced at our next and last meeting of the year on Tuesday 13th December.

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